Trigger Warning

from by Our Wits That Make Us Men

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A trigger warning, put the gun to your head
A fucking liar and a rapist, you’re better off dead
Someone better call your mother
And tell her that her fucker of a son is a scumbag
You damn predator

Think you’re so damn clever
Hiding behind the face of a drunk man
You weren’t drunk, you were fucking sober
And you took advantage of someone who thought you were a friend

Don’t act like what happened is water under the bridge
I’m gonna drown you in that water under the bridge
Don’t you act like this is a cutesy game,
like you didn’t know what you were doing
Shit like this isn’t an accident
Just remember, you wanted it

Called me the next day with your bald-faced lies
trying to gather sympathy for your psychopathic tendencies
You’re fucking pathetic
The only thing you’re getting from me is a boot to the knee
and a gun to the face
You wanted this
Yeah, you fucking wanted it

You cried afoul
When the jury came to carry out its sentence
You’re fucking worthless
Those weren’t death threats, motherfucker, they were promises

We’ll remember what was said when we cut your throat and pull your tongue out the wound. A sack of shit like you doesn’t get to speak, and you silenced so many, the voices won’t stop in our heads. We’ll remember your face as we bury you alive, up to your neck for the scavengers to feed on, like the way you made us prey and slithered away like a fucking snake. Just remember, you wanted it.

It’s not murder, it’s just twenty minutes of action, punk.

You wanted this
It was no accident


from The Manifesto, released April 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Our Wits That Make Us Men Clifton, New Jersey

Started in early 2014 as a solo spoken word act, Our Wits has evolved throughout the three years it's existed, growing into the band it is today, with changes happening every time a note is played.

Dean - Vocals
Matt - Guitar
Nagee - Bass
Mark - Drums
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