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We claim to be the land of the free,
home of the brave,
but we turn away the displaced and needy
because the color of their skin is similar
to our enemies’

We create self-fulfilling prophecies
when we fund our own damn enemies
“Sorry for bombing your country
Here’s some guns
No hard feelings, right?”

We dismantle a regime and try to buy off the ashes
with promises of weapons and democracy,
but we only end up screwing ourselves and everyone else around us
as a group of disenfranchised guerilla fighters
create a dogmatic military society

Nosotros la gente. No somos illegales
Nosotros la gente. Somos iguales

No espere y mira el genecidio

No espere y mira que mas de
nosotros morimos

Dicimos nunca a la sacrificio
Pero mira desde nuestros celulares costosos

Y ostros utilizan sus teléfonos
Celulares para enviar un último adiós

Nosotros la gente. No somos illegals
Nosotros la gente. Somos iguales

We did this to ourselves but have the gall to punish
those caught between Iraq and a hard place?

We abandon humanitarian efforts or even logical assistance protocol
for the sake of bolstering the strength of the rampant right-wing racists,
fear-mongering nü-fascists?
We’re better than this

“Give me your tired, your poor!
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”
She calls, her skin shaded green and blue,
the color of the tempest turned seas around her,
ushering in a new life for those seeking refuge from the storm

Give me your tired!
And your poor!
I lift my lamp!
Beside the golden door!

They talk about Making This Country Great Again,
when they forget,
that we weren’t founded on fear of the unknown,
or giving into terroristic threats
This bastion of freedom,
The New World,
guarded by a New Colossus,
was founded on embracing the unknown
and championing freedom for all the people,
by the people

At least that’s what the forefathers claimed.


from The Manifesto, released April 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Our Wits That Make Us Men Clifton, New Jersey

Started in early 2014 as a solo spoken word act, Our Wits has evolved throughout the three years it's existed, growing into the band it is today, with changes happening every time a note is played.

Dean - Vocals
Matt - Guitar
Nagee - Bass
Mark - Drums
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